Echo Summit Road Conditions (U.S. Highway 50)

Latest CalTrans/Nevada Road Reports

Condition of major highways passing through the Lake Tahoe area as of Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 08:16 .

U.S. Highway 50 (Including Echo Summit Road Conditions) See map below


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Driving to Lake Tahoe by Car on U.S. Highway 50 over Echo Summit.

The easiest access to the south shore from most points in California is via US 50 to South Lake Tahoe, especially from Sacramento or the Bay Area.

Regardless of the season, always be prepared to sudden and drastic changes in the weather. Winter or summer, storms can sweep in much faster than you can imagine and the change in conditions can make driving conditions very dangerous.

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Echo Summit/South Tahoe Driving Tips

Echo Summit Road Conditions

Always check the Echo Summit road conditions before setting out. U.S. Highway 50 into South Lake Tahoe is a spectatular way to arrive but can be treacherous at any time of year, and extremely dangerous in the winter.

California's CalTrans site allows you to look up the driving conditions for any of the major highways that pass through the state including U.S. Highway 50 from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe. For your convenience we have combined the very latest reports from CalTrans of all the important highways to, or around, Tahoe including road conditions over echo summit and Sourth Lake Tahoe road conditions.

Echo Summit Driving Checklist

  • Check that your brakes, windshield wiper, defroster and heater are working properly.
  • Make sure your antifreeze is fresh and the radiator is full. It’s a good idea to add special solvents to your windshield washer tank to keep it from freezing.
  • Check your tires and carry the proper chains for your vehicle. A flashlight and chain repair kit can be vital. Have an accurate road map, a cell phone and emergency numbers and keep an extra key in your wallet or with another person in the vehicle.
  • Additionally carry an ice scraper or de-icer, a broom, a shovel and towels. In case you really get stuck bring food, water, warm clothing and blankets.
  • Allow extra time for the trip since winter conditions will show you down.
  • Keep your tank full of gas.
  • Most importantly, slow down. Ice and fog can put you out of control in seconds. Keep a much greater distance between you and other cars and stay extra alert for sudden changes in conditions. Maximum speed limit with chains is 25-30 mph.
  • You must stop and put on chains if required to do so by an officer or posted signs.

There are several all-weather highways around Lake Tahoe except during the most severe weather. These include US 50 east over Echo Summit, CA 88 North from Stockton, CA 207 over the Kingsbury Grade, US 395 to US 50 West at Carson City and finally Highway 431 over Mount Rose going from Reno.


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